Painting begins.

Those of you who know me and/or have been reading my blog a long time will know that we are not entirely happy here. We keep see-sawing between options of sell, renovate, build and any & all other options in between. None seems to outweigh the other in terms of absolute merit, to make itself the perfect or even the best answer. All this indecision just produces stagnant inactivity. Decisions are made incredibly slowly and after much discussion and thought.

I chose and bought the paint for this job at least a month ago, taped all those panes on Friday and started to actually paint yesterday. All the windows on the front of our house are this style ... thats eventually a lot of taping. 40 panes in this corner.

I'm not feeling well and a second coat is needed. So I'm trying to muster the energy and enthusiasm to go back to it this morning. At this stage I am just working on the metal window frames and then will change to the wood formula paint for the sills and surrounds.

 It is looking much fresher already!
I hope I have more home painting to share with you in coming months too, sometimes its just taking that first step that is the hardest part of getting something done.


  1. We're not entirely happy where we are either... so I completely relate to the sense of indecision you experience... and apathy!
    Painting. Urgh. We had so many rooms inside that need to be painted... + all of the exterior because we got it rendered. URGH.

    Good luck mustering some motivation. You've done a great job so far.

  2. Well Done Tammy!
    I hope you enjoy your efforts when you are finished, a splash of paint always makes things look new and fresh :)

  3. YOU bet step at a time and before long you will have momentum that no one can stop. its hard to see in the pics, before and after because of shadow i guess. Were they grey before and what colour are you painting them now?
    Have fun...i love painting, always have. Get the prep right and the job is a breeze...:)

  4. We are absolutely, utterly and entirely in the same boat as you. On that decision front, I mean. I can't help but think that while we're doing all this pussy-footing around, we should get on and get the inevitable painting over with!

  5. Hope you are feeling better Tammy and i sure dont envy you doing all that painting. I reckon that the painting is the easy bit the prep and clean up are the worst. You will feel a huge sense of achievemnt when its done.


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