A new look.

In 2007 I made this card, I wasn't really making cards then I was much more of a Scrap booker.
This was the very first set of Stamps I owned, I won them, I was so intimidated by them.
Earlier this year I earmarked this one for a makeover, unhappy with the stamping.

Card made in July 2007
On Saturday I finally stuck some things down and gave it a new look.
I kept the basic bones and changed the embellishments.

Has anyone else ever done this?


  1. Great makeover! I haven't done it but I think I have a few here that I should try this with.

  2. Those little changes really make a big difference don't they!
    love the makeover card Tammy :)

  3. Funny you should do this post, i went through my card box yesterday and there are a couple (ok maybe 10) that need to be revamped or ditched. Thought they were good then but not so great now. Our styles do change as does the trends.

  4. Your changes have really spruced it up Tammy. It's a great idea so you can still use the card without wasting it. xo


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