A little Christmas Creating

Just a peek.
Thanks to my gorgeous friend for letting me use her tag die when I forgot to order one for myself!

I need to stop buying myself paper crafting supplies now , I have had somewhat of a splurge period lately.
Though with the Aussie dollar so good right now I can't sincerely promise I won't make a fabric purchase sometime soon. ( though I don't really need to )

I'm not sure yet if these tags are destined to be gift tags or card embellishments.


  1. They look great. May need to get that tag die myself! Judith :)

  2. What pretty tags, Your presents will looks so gorgeous at Christmas Tammy :)

  3. I've had a bit of a 'dollar is so good' spending myself lately! :)

  4. Those tags looks so nice. I like the Christmas embellishments attached.

  5. How good is shopping right now with the aussie dollar!!! I need to get my Christmas stuff organized too!! xo

  6. Love your papers there Tammy and that die looks fantastic.

  7. A tag die for Christmas would definitely come in handy. I do love buying paper craft too;)I love the tags and so organized too:)xo


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