Kids in the Kitchen

No, I am not referring to the popular Aussie band from the 80's
I let Little Miss and her visiting big Brother into the kitchen with minimal supervision this morning. I found that while I did try to write it out simply, I didn't.
More help was needed than I suspected and this recipe turns out fine with approximate quantities used. eg:- most of an egg.

Here it is in pictures.

I tried to make it fairly simple
much careful consultation on measurement took place

Some went on the floor and the benches.
Not quite in the right place but cracked eagerly and with enthusiasm.
Finally she lets him pour something in for measurement.
Not the best choice of Spoons for mixing but I reserve judgement.
He wiped off the benches into the bowl as I held it and she swept up the floor.
Afternoon Tea time!


  1. Lovely photos and the end result looks super yummy :)

  2. Cooking from scratch will come naturally to your kids. Well done...everyone.

  3. Oh, yum! They did well, and so did you, standing back quietly ;) It's hard to let them free in the kitchen but don't they just enjoy it SO much! Afternoon tea looks delicious :)

  4. Oh Tammy they did a wonderful job. Now there is a reason to do a scrapbook page, you need to do one to record these precious memories.

  5. looks like a lot of fun, and a lot of yumminess!!!!,


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