I made a headband.

Just for me. With some of my favourite Nicey Jane.

I have been wanting to make myself a head band for a long time.

I think this is ideally a little wide, though I feel confidant there will be more.

Its rather tricky to take a picture of something on top of your own head.
 : )


  1. It looks great, Tammy!!

  2. Love the headband...and so nice to use some fav fabric just for you :)

  3. Lovely work Tammy!
    that is such pretty fabric you have used, the colours look lovely on you :)

  4. great headband Tammy. I was looking the other day at making some for myself, you've inspired me to get them done.

  5. Nice Tammy, it looks perfect, love the fabric.

  6. You've got perfect headband hair Tammy!
    It looks great.


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