He likes a good book

Especially if its about Thomas and his Friends ... or Construction Vehicles!

He has Quietly set himself up for some book time
Notices the presence of the camera.
Tries to keep reading but glances up every now and then.
then just gets annoyed at the flash going off so I leave him  reading in peace and apologise.
I'm really happy that we took steps to set our kids up with a love of books from a very early age reading to them as babies. It makes me so proud and happy when I see him go and pull a group of his favourite books out and set himself up like this just to browse. They have easy access to their books and can get what they want when they want.
We still read to our kids every night well 99.5 % of the time. I'm sure we miss an odd night during the year if we are travelling at story time or out and about ( not too often though )


  1. My Michael used to love books at the same age, he's 18 now and won't even pick one up, I suspect he lost the love of them at school which is sad.

  2. My kids love to read and I am so thankful for that.


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