Floriade 2010 Part 3

Love this gorgeous face against the Orange backdrop! 

Lots of these signs around showing what the planting design was

If you look to the lower/mid right of this pic you can see the flower bed shown in the sign above.

Look around the middle of this photo and you will see a white unicorn in the distant flower planting.
There were lollipops too!
Last year she was so full of Fear on the Ferris wheel. Where did this confidant girl with such grown up looking features come from?? 
The wheel barrow garden was a fave if you look to the left you will see another tiny arm trying to lift a barrow.
beautiful frilly colourful faces.
Beautiful contrast in colour and seemingly too elegant for a wheelbarrow but nonetheless beautiful!
Being able to see the design of the beds from the aerial view afforded by the big wheel was well worth the $7.00 ( per person ) price tag IMHO. The kids really enjoyed seeing what images they could make out in the colourful beds!


  1. Canberra looks so much greener than when i last saw it about two years ago.

  2. More gorgeous shots....love it..hugs and hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'd love that wheelbarrow full of tulips:)
    The shots from the ferris wheel are great, glad R enjoyed it this year...amazing what a year of big school does for them hey?!

  4. Such beautiful photos Tammy!
    Thank you once again for sharing them with us ♥

  5. I love floriade, looks like you had a lovely time

  6. Thanks for all the pictures Tammy! I almost felt like I got to go this year now! :)


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