Floriade 2010 Part 2.

Some functional and practical plantings and ideas in addition to all of the beautiful flowers.
Still beautiful in the early stages of decline
Some really eye catching colour combos.
and lovely expanses of flowers.
Just look at the Scenery
That is not a headless man I removed his head as his face was clear. ; )
Amazing sculpture considering it has been there for about a month!
A sea of daisies.
Elegant and stately.

Not too much bird life this time. I love this Magpies enquiring posture!
There will be one more post tomorrow to wind up my Floriade 2010.


  1. I went to Nightfest this year and even though it was a nice atmosphere, I miss seeing the flowers in all their glory and taking pics!

  2. Love both of your posts about the Floriade Tammy, such Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing, it's been a few years since I went and I'd love to go again soon so it was a joy to look at your photos :)

  3. WOW! incredible shots once again..love seeing this again, makes me want to go next year :)

  4. Gorgeous pix Tammy, we keep meaning to get down for Floriade, so glad you made it.

  5. The daisy's do it for me, such a humble flower but enmass they are gorgeous.


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