Clutter and Bags!

Recently I am being visited by that 'overwhelmed by clutter' feeling quite frequently.
I entertain the fantasy of throwing a whole lot of stuff out the front door then closing it and pretending its not there as I turn to soak up my new clean uncluttered surroundings. Feeling Peace and calm overwhelm me.
A big part of our problem is inadequate or perhaps inadequately used Storage space.

This morning as I was woken at a totally unreasonable hour by my Mr chatting to his brother in Spain on Skype ( let me tell you its was before 5am ) as I lay in bed thinking about the clutter and dreaming up elaborate perfect storage solutions what popped in to my head?


So very many useful bags cluttering the place up

Top  Handbag and Mr's gym bag.
 Daughters School bag, reading bag and Library bag, Sons Library bag.
Sons Day care and Grandma bag, My lunch/water bottle/book bag, Mr's Sydney and lap top bag.
Then there's the rag bag, plastic bag bag, peg bag, other laptop bag ....
As you can see most of these bag photos were taken In situ.

Holy Moly is it just us or does everyone have a pile of bags around their homes that they are dependant on and that have no home and so are sitting around in corners, hanging off doors, peeking out from under beds ...


  1. Sure do! I cannot open my laundry door properly as the bags that hang on the back of the door stop me from doing so! GRRRRR!

  2. Same here, gym bags, work bags, camera bags, and let's count the recycling bags - 1 on door for the "garbage" one on back door for the "reyclying" !

  3. Yep, same here. Drives me crazy but there are none that can be 'moved along'. :S

  4. Yep. I just spent a few hours this evening sorting through the piles of 'stuff' in my spare room. It is looking pretty good now - I can see the floor. But what to do with all of the bags hanging on the back of the door!??

  5. You know what, i had never thought of it before, but yes i do as well and my 16 yo son is the worst offender leaving any bag lying around.


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