A tiny bit of spring.

Not my best photographic composition nor particularly interesting but the wind is fierce, its about to rain and my camera battery went flat so it was slim pickings.


Grape Hyacinth 

Plum blossom

I enjoyed a walk to School this morning, was shocked by a winter utility bill, totally relished a quiet day at home alone and took advantage of this gusty wind to re-acquaint myself with the clothesline before the rain hit's. Its Chicken Schnitzels for dinner tonight and a bit more folding to plough through. I'm making ground on what was lost last week with the Mr away the whole week.
I need to make an effort to get some more exercise in as I'm feeling the effects of no walking, not just physically but mentally and spiritually I guess. walking provides a connection with Nature I value and don't get through driving, the fresh air is nothing but beneficial and its just a good empty head space for a little while each day.


  1. beautiful photo's Tammy, I really love the plum blossom photo!

    I started walking again myself this morning, it had been a while and I so enjoyed it! it really does centre you for the day.

  2. I agree about walking, i miss it when i don't do it, even though I'm not an avid exerciser.

  3. Your photographs are beautiful Tammy. I enjoy getting out and going for a walk, enjoy nature and it's beauty is very relaxing and calming. I hope you get in some more time to exercise this week.xo

  4. Tammy these photos are great! I am really enjoying snippets of Spring themed photos as I am eagerly awaiting the warmer months!


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