Home for a 21st.

Well back to what used to be home long ago.
Sadly this is the best pic I got of the Camera shy Birthday Girl.

Niki with her cake
This is my Buff tattooed little bro ( when I say little I actually mean younger as he towers over me ) getting in some pre prep for 'talk like a Pirate day' today. Long haired guy is a Brother In Law : )
Brad and TimJ

Another little, but actually Quite Big , brother. This one still in his teens but towering over everyone.
Little Mr having some fun with Uncle Tim. He tells me today they were talking about how old he is.
a good reflection of our two tables here too.
Two of my stunningly gorgeous sisters.
Love you girls to bits.

Not all of my siblings were there. Not all of my siblings that were there are in these photos. For those of you that don't know there are 10. I have 10 Siblings. In a family the size of ours there's always bound to be some conflict somewhere or someone who just can't make it.
I know the next question from those of you who I just revealed my family size to.
6 sisters, 4 brothers.
7 girls, 4 boys.
Same mother.
I had a fun night, and am wishing for a new camera and some better photography skills. A couple of my Siblings are ridiculously photogenic, but I still can't get them looking good : (

Hope you had a great weekend.

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  1. Lovely photos - you all look so happy (and photogenic).

  2. Camera shy birthday girl, thats no good.I remember now-your big, big family. It looks like you had a wonderful night and you all look gorgeous. I know what you mean about tall, my son who is 16 is now 6ft 5in when do boys stop growing?

  3. How can a girl who looks like that be camera shy? I'm amazed.

    You really are an incredibly photogenic bunch. I didn't know you had all those lovely siblings. Your mum is amazing. x

  4. I'm with Maxabella -- you are a very photgenic family!

  5. Bless your mother for raising so many littluns.. she raised a very handsome family..


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