A good day

Visitors this afternoon ( and most days lately )
Tuesday was a good day, I got quite a bit done, took some time out and felt good about it all.
Wednesday was similar.

We are having some parenting hurdles with one of our kiddos at the moment and while they are only problems that are present for a short period during the day I am exhausted after yesterdays effort.

Heres the card I made on Tuesday.

The stamping on these is done using my very vintage labels no1  from Waltzing Mouse Stamps they are actually designed for more Square shaped nesties ; ) I used my labels8, circle, scalloped circle and tag dies, Paper is MM, SU wild Wasabi ink and velvet thickers.

Have a great weekend.


  1. So you're going to a 21st?? Sounds like a lovely week, mine is still a giddy haze after Handmade Market. Love Posie

  2. Love the card...great design and gorgeous colours :)

  3. Lovely card Tammi, does that mean you are off to a 21st. Haven't been to one of those in a few years, pretty soon i will be going to 50iths.
    Hmm kiddo worries, i am still having them at 16 & 18, we will still probably be having them at 30 and 32, thats the life of a parent i guess.
    Good to see that you had a good week.

  4. Beautiful card. Beautiful photo. Beautiful to have some time out.

    ... not so great to have some parenting hurdles. I understand the fatigue you describe - such hurdles can take everything out of you. All the more reason to make sure you find time to care for yourself.

  5. Lovely card - this is my first visit to your blog and I was dumb-struck by the birds! What are they?!?! They are just so colorful and fluffy!

    I'll be back!

  6. VERY pretty 21st card, so feminine. I like your garden visitor photo, those little finches are cute, I guess the brightest visitor we get in our garden is the goldfinch. Good luck with the kiddie issue!

  7. Very pretty card Tammy! Love the shimmery numbers!

  8. Oh how lovely! :) Fun use of the labels stamp!

  9. Fabulous card. My kiddos are all grown and out of the house with children of their own and we still have issues...good luck with yours.

  10. nice use on the labels. that lucky girl will love this card very much. i love how there are elements of blue (for girls wear blue too ;)

  11. I like how you stuck the layers on top of each other, making the 21 really pop!.... hope your parenting hurdles will disapear soon...


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