Lots to do

Well I'm sick. 
There was a day last week, I guess it was Wednesday I was so extremely irritable and not quite right physically and I couldn't work out why. Then Thursday I started to get a sore throat Friday I was feeling terrible. LOML came home and I ate then went to bed.  Saturday was slightly better, yesterday I was functioning, as I am today but still so terribly congested and feeling blerk really. I can see that its improving but I guess its best described as I feel a bit like I'm operating in a cloud.
Its disappointing as I was looking forward to relishing my last few quiet days when kids are at day care and School, as next week I will be working on those days.

In the last few days I managed to get Little Mr's coat pattern traced out.

This is a new method for me after I made an amazing discovery.
I had been using baking paper to trace out patterns which was essentially inadequate in width and also strength but when working with pattern sheets such as Ottober design and patterns from books I didn't have many options, until I saw on another sewing blog the tip about artists tracing paper ( I can't remember where sorry ) So I hopped on Google and fount this great place that has tracing paper in a lot of different weights and sizes. What I ordered was out of stock but the communication with me was good and they still ordered it in for me. : )

Its not really necessary to trace out a pattern from a purchased pattern sheet such as this one but the beauty of doing this for me, is that I am using the smallest version of the pattern, so while it takes a little longer to trace it all out I don't destroy the integrity of the pattern pieces in pinning etc especially for when I have a unisex pattern like this that I will definitely use again and probably for each child. When I am finished with it if I want to pass it on its still intact for the next owner/user too. ( did anyone enlarge the image to see what pattern I'm using? )

I'd recommend this to people who use kids patterns and make multiple items from the one pattern.
I opted for 10m of 75cm wide at 115gsm, so it is good and sturdy but still quite transparent. 
So now I have his coat pattern all cut out but think the fabric I set aside is probably not quite big enough.

While sitting listlessly on the lounge in sickness I started another neck warmer with some Bamboo and Bamboozle ( bamboo /cotton ), modifying a Scarf pattern I had used before and changing the gauge.
Though the thing that has my strongest focus is the bag I started designing yesterday ... Its still in the drawing/pattern stages but I'm liking it all so far.


  1. Love this idea - I too have been using thin lunch wrap paper which just isn't wide enough! x

  2. feel better soon Tammy. I have 2 little munchkins home from school today with tummy sickness.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Tammy :)

    I used to use tissue paper in big sheets for pattern tracings. There used to be a shop near us that stocked a thicker than usual tissue paper and this worked a treat (although probably not for more than about 3 uses..). Looking forward to seeing the coat.

  4. I used to purchase a type of interfacing from Spotlight to trace my clothing patterns onto; it didn't tear easily so was fantastic to reuse. I haven't bought any for about five years now and haven't looked recently to see what they have - might be worth a look.
    The last lot I bought I paid about $60 and bought so many metres they rolled it onto a roll for me; sorry can't remember how much it was.
    Another option for you.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  6. Awe Tammy you are not meant to be sick on your holidays, hope you get in a couple of good days before you start your new job.

  7. I hope you are feeling better soon. I like the idea of tracing the patterns so they are reusable!

  8. I hope that you are feeling better soon Tammy. I did the same thing as Bec for tracing patterns, it's been great especially when my girls are so different in sizes. Take care. xo

  9. I just started doing this too. My husband is an architect so we always have a ton of trace hanging around. If you have a drafting supply store, or even a student store for a university with an architecture program, they'll have tons in stock. There's something about kids patterns that makes me hate to cut into them. I always think "what if they love love love it and I need to make it in a bigger size!"


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