sewing, sewing, sewing.

All weekend ... there's a red long sleeve top waiting for hems and its neckline to be finished, tights waiting for waist elastic, a dress with removable sleeves waiting for a hem, a flower waiting for me to work out how to attach it and this flower petal skirt that needs the elastic tightening.

Its all for book week but most pieces will have a life beyond the dress up day.

Sorry the light is not good enough to show you the rest of the pieces in their waiting stages. I'll share a pic of her wearing it all during the week, if she is well enough to actually get to School on that Day. She is not well at all right now. : (


  1. Book Week...that brings back such wonderful memories of our children's school days. Hope your daughter feels better very soon so she can enjoy the experience. Looking forward to the photos!

  2. I hope she is feeling better soon Tammy....looks like she will have exactly what she needs for a fab time..:)

  3. I hope your little one gets better soon so she doesn't miss out on getting all dressed up in her pretty costume.xo

  4. Sorry to hear she's not well. Surely she will be well enough to wear her pretty costume!? x

  5. Oh no Tammy poor you and the little ones they sure have had a bad winter. Hope you got all of your sewing done and that your daughter does make it to school.
    Not much happening around here.

  6. Awwww... so sorry we didn't see you this morning :-( I hope she got dressed up anyway... even if it's to brighten up a dreary day...
    Get better soon Rachel, kisses from us xxx


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