My new bag

 I designed and made myself a new bag!

So far I am really happy with it.

its roomy enough for all my essentials and opens up nice and wide

has an easily accessible pocket for my phone.

Sits nicely under my arm and is not too bulky

Not what I originally had in mind but still good. The exterior is a heavy denim type fabric and all the pretty trim, lining and strap is the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird fabric I used for the cushions! The stitching is not perfect, though I am so proud of myself drawing out this design that only needed minimal tweaking due to the fabric I used, If I'm happy with it after carrying it for a few weeks I'll make another in different fabric/colours.  : )

I started my new job today and I really enjoyed it!


  1. LOVE your bag T!!
    The shape is great and it certainly looks roomy inside without being bulky.
    So happy to hear the first day went well. J.xx

  2. your bag looks fantastic Tammy. So glad you had a good day today.

  3. Very cute, Tammy! Aren't you the clever cookie!! Glad your new start went well. :)

  4. Great bag Tammy
    I love the lining fabric. Good to hear your first day was a success.

  5. Glad you had a good day. And it's a fantastic bag!

  6. Good to hear that you had a great day, and your bag is fantastic. I need two pockets in my bag, one for the keys and one for my mobile. Hope the rest of your week is as good as today.

  7. Your bag looks great! :)

  8. Perfect - new bag to take to your new job. Glad you enjoyed it

  9. I love your bag Tammy, you're one clever lady! I'm glad you enjoyed your first day at work. xo

  10. I love your bag. The size looks just right.


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