Book Week Dress Up day.

my little sweetie was still too sick to go to School, though markedly improved from previous days.
I let her put on her 'Skipper' out fit at home and we made a quick trip to the supermarket where she got many compliments about what a lovely fairy she was - ordinarily I'm sure she would have been correcting people to tell them she was a butterfly not a fairy,  but not today when sick ; )

She was in tears this morning , missing not only dress up day but also her best friends Birthday. Poor little Chickadee I'm sure she will be well enough to make it to the local library excursion later in the week.

This is the character she dressed as. Thought in our chilly wind Miss Skipper needed a bit of extra length in those layers ; )

The blue dress is slightly modified from a pattern in  Ottoberdesign Summer 2009 The sleeves are removable. I'll also take it up a bit for a summer dress. All the other pieces were pattern less or other clothes were used as 'templates'.


  1. She looks great T...anyone who looked closely enough would know fairies don't have antenna!!

    I'm glad she got to wear it today, hope she is back to 100% soon :)

  2. What a beautiful butterfly! Jaki is right, everyone knows fairies don't have antennae.

  3. Far prettier than any butterflies in my garden. Really hope she makes it to the library excursion.

  4. awww....look at her....adorable...yeah it sucks when they miss these important and fun events...i am sure an occasion will arise for her to use it again and again...well done Tammy :)x

  5. So pretty! My daughter and yours would obviously get along! Hope she feels better!

  6. Oh Tammy she looks so cute, great costume, i especially love the hat and that gorgeous flower.
    Hope she is feeling beter.

  7. Gorgeous! Poor thing missing out! I love your 6 card.

  8. Oh GORGEOUSSSSS! You've done a beautiful job, she is a perfect butterfly! xxx


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