Kitchen Notes

By Little Mr.

The one on the left says. 'You don't have to brush your teeth if you want to.'
The one on the right says 'you CAN do family time but you don't have to tidy up'

Family time is the time each night when we play wii and other games together.

The purple one in the middle says ' No scribbling in the Kitchen'

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  1. This is gorgeous. So cute!!! I love your 'family time' - bet the kids do too.

    You should link your fridge up to my Fridge Chronicles on my blog. I just posted it on Wednesday and it's open until end of the month. It's a little linky, but one I love.

    Check it out anyway:

  2. Oh he's a cheeky one :-)

    I love the name of your blog, btw, as I write this my son is wearing pink socks - and asking me to get something, so I better run.

  3. You son just made me chuckle.

  4. Those notes make me smile, as they are like the ones my grandbabies send me, about what we should do when I come over to see them.


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