I made a card

and I liked it! I finally inked up one of the sweet Hero Arts girls I bought at at the craft and quilt fair. I first inked them and stamped some out for my sick little girl to colour in.

I do love stamps from Hero arts, so crisp and lovely!
I used this little lady to make a simple birthday card for Miss6's best friend. I filled out her Bouquet with paper flowers and Brad centres.

My little miss had large red irritated tonsils, she got back to School today and was really happy to be there.

Most of my creating has fallen by the way side since I started my new job, which by the way I am loving. I still haven't really managed to re jig the household and family routine to a suitable rhythm to accommodate everything and I'm constantly learning new things at work so my brain seems to be 'on' more than usual.
Did I mention I got my licence this week too? I'm on my P's now and enjoying being able to drive around unsupervised. : ) Still learning through experience though. IYKWIM.


  1. That is such a sweet card. Super delightful.

  2. I like it too! I wouldn't mind getting something like that for my birthday tomorrow :).

  3. Tammy CONGRATS, oh well done, good for you. I always remember the first time i drove on my very own, it was a little scary. Love the card, the flowers in the middle add a great touch. Dont worry the balance will sort it self out.

  4. Congratulations on the licence, Tammy! You won't know yourself being so mobile. Love the card and glad your small one is feeling better :)

  5. Sweet card, love the little flowers and colors you used!

  6. What a great card!

    I am so amazed with the Book Week outfit - AMAZED!

    Owww got your 'P'. I remember - Had an accident with in two hours of no supervision !!!!!!


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