The good, the bad and the ugly

That is how I would have to summarise my day.

This new Choc chip muffin recipe I tried ...

The Good.

This miserable sick, tired, achey girl ( and a snotty nosed boy ) ...

The bad.

And the dough of this pumpkin bread recipe I tried ...

The ugly.

OMGoodness it was the wettest stickiest messiest dough ever and cleaning it up and off my hands was a nightmare, kneading ? forget it and this was still after I added an additional full cup of flour.
I can only assume that I grossly over estimated my quantities of pumpkin puree.

In the end it produced a dense slightly doughy, tasty bread with a chewy crust but Oh the dough!

I sprinkled parmesan cheese and herbs on the hot loaf and cooked the rolls from scratch with a few seeds atop  each.


  1. Oh I hope your little ones are feeling better soon and as for your dough might have been a mess to you but the results sure look tasty.

  2. I hope your little ones get better soon. It's not fun when you're feeling unwell. Your pumpkin bread looks really yummy too Tammy even if it was a bit messy to work with. xo

  3. Poor little ones. It's hard when they are sick. That bread looks delish, way better than my poor failed attempt at pumpkin bread last week, talk about doughy...

  4. awwww.....hope your babes are feeling much better very soon Tammy, it's awful when they are unwell isn't it.
    Your baking looks delicious :)


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