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 I got through my first week at work, thought its just two short days, not actually a whole week.  
Its odd for me to have my own work/desk space and computer foreign in a way.
As my job is a new position some things are still being sorted out . For example I didn't have a phone at the start of the week I did at the end ( and I worked out how to use it!) During my last shift I started to embrace the idea of 'my space' and re arrange things a little, think about what I needed pinned up in easy view and how to personalise it. A pen holder was in order : )

A re-purposing project.

Involving a Vegemite Jar, fabric Scraps, Mod podge, chipboard or cardboard and ribbon.

Start with a clean empty jar of the correct size. For pens I didn't want it too deep or too shallow...

I didn't take pictures of the steps and progress but hope you can get the general gist through the words and photos of the finished product.
Take a fabric Scrap ( one with a patterned selvedge is advantageous here cut it to a couple of cm wider than what you need to encircle the jar and with at least a couple of cm to tuck under and a couple to fold over the top. 

Start with the edged of the fabric that is cut . Apply a generous coat of mod podge to a side section of the jar and lay the fabric across it - you are going to get messy fingers on this project - then do the next section, keep going around in this way smoothing out any bubbles and making sure the fabric is flat against the glass. Don't worry about the top or bottom too much at this stage just the sides. When you get to the end paint the Mod Podge over the first fabric you adhered and overlap and press down the selvedge side. This gives you a nice even and easy edge. Then Coat the entire out side with Mod Podge.

Once the sides were done I went to the bottom, I did wait until the sides were partially dry. Turn your jar upside down and cover the bottom with mod podge fold your fabric under and tuck or gather it with your fingers where needed to make it nice even, again press out the air bubbles and make sure the fabric is flat against the glass as is possible. Coat the exterior of the fabric and let it dry.

When the bottom is dry fold the top edges into the jar.
I did the top a little differently running a strip of score tape around the inner rim and using it to hold my fabric firmly then Mod Podging it in place from the exterior of the fabric. I did give the rim and top edge an extra coat too as it will be subject to the most wear and tear. You could opt to finish the inner edge more nicely but I just left mine frayed. 

To finish I cut a circle, I used a scalloped circle and grunge board but I think you could use any chipboard or thick cardboard, even fabric. So cut a circle slightly smaller than the circumference of your jar and adhere it to the bottom to cover up the gaps as seen in my picture above.

And there you have a pretty personalised desk accessory for next to nothing. 
I added a ribbon to mine : )


  1. Love it will be a lovely addition to your space :)

  2. This is really pretty Tammy. Your new space at work will feel nice and cosy with your new addition. xo

  3. Such a great pen holder. Perfect in every way.

    Best wishes for your new job too.

  4. You're already on your way to 'owning' your work space. Well done getting through your first week with such aplomb. You will be so pleased to have a bit of 'me' space again, even if it involves working for someone else!!

  5. That looks great Tammy, i could do with a couple of those at work.

  6. ...which all confirms that Mod Podge really is the bees knees.

    PS. Was worried for a short while there, with the Vegemite involvement...

  7. Love this sweet project Tammy!

    I love how you can always see the possibilities in the simplest of objects.

    I hope your new job is all you hope it will be and more x

  8. Looks fantastic! My Nan used to cover tins like this, I think she used spray on glue and pellon or wadding under the fabric so the can ridges didn't show through so easy.


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