Creative Bounty.

Yesterday I visited the craft and quilt fair with my friend. Oh my goodness the work and detail in some of those quilts was mind boggling and it took every ounce of my self restraint not to touch some of them. Also while I was there I spent a 'little' money I hadn't planned on spending I have concealed the actual costs of some items in this photo to protect the innocent ; )

So from top left to bottom right we have ... 
( 2 ply ? ) yarn from dairing already being knitted up into a simple lacy looking scarf. I tossed up whether to buy the orange or brown yarn and last night as I knitted started to wish I had chose the orange ... Oh well C'est la vie. Next to my knitting is a Tim Holtz stamp and some cute little Hero Arts girls I couldn't resist. At the front there is a tape measure twill ribbon, some bag bits and some Buttons. The turquoise buttons and ribbon are from the craft queen and the other bits and bobs from studio mio, who BTW had some really, really gorgeous fabric too ... but I restrained again.

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.


  1. creative goodies are always a positive!
    have fun with those & happy Sunday to you too

  2. you know i spotted the craft queen stuff straight away!!!!

  3. Cute stuff. I didn't go this time - I needed a weekend at home!

  4. I find it hard not to touch the quilts at the craft fair, were there lots of white gloved ladies? Love that tape measure ribbon. Looks like you had a lovely day.
    Btw in this months release from PTI Dawn Mcvey has a stamp like a ruler that you can ink on ribbons it looks really good, i couldn't resist although i am not doing that on my own again as their postage was really expensive.

  5. It looks like you picked up some lovely goodies there Tammy. I'm glad you had a good time hanging out with your friend at the fair, love times like that. Have a great week.xo


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