Something new.

I enjoyed making something for myself so much I am now making myself something else, and also have a dress pattern here too. ( its for warmer days though.) 
this knitted piece is far removed from my soft drapey Baktus I've gone for a thick and Chunky this time.
I should probably have shied away from my preference for variegated yarn and stuck with a solid colour for this one though. It would have been better to show off this lovely texture and pattern.

Well right now I am off to get ready for my very last shift at my current job.
I do have one more but its stock take so outside trading hours.


  1. I see where you are coming from with the yarn but it is very pretty and you can still see the knitted pattern. Hope your last day of work goes well.

  2. Hope your last day goes well and you enjoy and relish in the transition from old to new! xo m.

  3. Last day at work! Wooo! Now you'll have more time to knit. ;) P.S. What are you making? I can't work it out.

  4. The colours in the yarn are beautiful Tammy. I hope that your last shift went well. xo


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