So, I had my hair cut ...

for anyone who is interested, thanks for all the great comments, support and HONEST opinions you all shared, Oh I love that about the blog world!

So, I should begin by saying it is raining here and has been grey all day, I did not get home until after dark so this will be the blog post with the worst quality photos ever and I am not exaggerating.

So here I am this morning with my long hair and showing how I typically wear it tied back.

Then here I am after the cut ... 

My hairdresser did well in talking me through it, I was a bit nervous about going short, short as let's  face it I certainly am no Kierra Knightly, nor do I have features resembling Winona Ryder.

It feels so very much better!
I'll be naturally wearing it more tousled and wavy as that how my hair is and I am seriously a no fuss wash and wear kind of girl, I could not be bothered and nor would I have the patience to iron it!

Oh, I finished my Baktus scarf  with a pretty crochet scallop edge, I'll blog it on Thursday once I have woven in the ends.


  1. It looks fabulous Tammy!
    Really fresh and funky.
    I'm booked in for my first haircut in years tomorrow but I don't think I'll be as brave.X

  2. It looks great T!!
    Good on you, I bet it feels light and free :)

  3. Your new hair style looks fabulous. Really really really fantastic kind of fabulous. So fresh!

  4. Look how cute you look! Tres fashiony and chic, methinks! Love it. xx

  5. I love it Tammy! It really suits you and it looks fabulous. xo

  6. It really suits you Tammy - I think it looks beautiful!!

  7. wow Tammy!! looks great & it makes you look refreshed.
    well done on being brave, it'll definitely be much easier to maintain.

  8. It looks great! Hairdressers who understand the whole wash & wear situation are gold, and should not be let go of in a hurry!! Good on you for being brave :-)

  9. Tammy your hair cut looks fabulous. It really is a beautiful cut on you. Amazing the difference a hair cut can make.
    Fiona :)

  10. Wow, very chic! It really suits you Tammy.
    Sami Jae x

  11. Fantastic choice with your hair style...but then I'm a little biased as I have done exactly the same with mine! I used to wear it long and tied back and gradually my hairdresser has cut it shorter and shorter until it is the same style as yours is now - including the shorter length at the back! Sensational and very low maintenance :).

  12. You look great! :)
    I used to have very short hair (shaved it off in high school as I was such a rebel!) and loved how much easier it was than my super long hair. No fuss, not even an elastic required.
    Though now my hair is long it pretty much lives in a boring bun all day.
    I wish I had the face for short hair (it's rounded out a little since my school days ;)

  13. Super cute! I love it! Hope you enjoy the new style. :)

    What does Dave think?

  14. My what big beautiful eyes you have! It looks fantastic Tammy, from one wash and wear girl to another.

  15. Wow Tammy it looks great!!! You must feel like a new woman.

  16. Tammy,
    You look fabulous!! The style suits you so well!!

  17. Tammy your hair looks fantastic Much nicer than when I did the same thing a couple of years ago. Mine was really bad.

  18. Your hair looks great and it really suits you Tammy.

  19. Fantastic haircut!! :)

  20. I have been tossing up whether to cut my hair. I also have long hair that I always tie back. You might just have inspired me to do it. You look so fresh - it really suits you.

  21. love it! looks great! I just had a bit chopped off mine and its looking like yours after a wash, we must have that same wave in our hair!

    you'll love it! hubby is always at me to wear my hair out more but I'm such a ponytail girl


  22. It looks fabulous Tammy, does it still surprise you when you glance in a mirror. Must be much easier to wash and wear now too,
    Love from coffeee/Sue

  23. Just catching up after a couple of weeks away from the computer. I LOVE your hair!!!! But then I would say because last year I had 125 inches cut off mine and became a short haired girl for the first time in my life. How does it feel now? I was quite surprised how quickly I got used to it. x


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