New do day two

With equally terrible taken in the mirror on a rainy day picture.
This is washed combed when wet and let dry au natural.

I can live with this and see a real potential for versatility in how I choose to style it.
I Love it.


  1. Gorgeous T!!
    I loved the hairdresser style of yesterday but this is more "you"

  2. yay! it looks great washed and let left to dry. mine would be a disaster! So much fun and so many styles to work with! Way to go for having the courage to make the change! xo m.

  3. Yay! Iove it more like that.
    I'm just home from the hairdresser and Bren just told me he isn't commenting until I've washed mine messy. Love it. X

  4. Great cut... awesome that it looks this good without any effort. Brilliant.

  5. Looks great!!

  6. Tammy i actually prefer this one to the sleek smooth one.

  7. OooH I love it too! Good on you girl :-) See you Monday xxx

  8. i love it - i like it like this better! I am a wash and wear girl too so my preference is for slightly messier - and I mean that in a good way - natural style! I've been going for shorter and shorter recently as well - having always had long hair and also love it.
    It really suits you. xx


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