The long and the short of it.

My hair that is.
Right now my hair is long, past my shoulders and I really need a trim, I could get about two inches cut off and it would sit sit at least on my shoulders but I think still a little below.
I'm thinking of getting it cut short.
Yep Short. not as in a bob ... just short.

I'm turning this over in my mind quite a bit.
It's the middle of winter so not really practical, I haven't had short hair like that since 1995 when I was growing it out and there's some vague recollection I have of a vow to never do that again. Why am I even considering this when three weeks ago it was not on my radar at all.
Am I embracing and welcoming change or am I pursuing change?
I of course have not failed to consider the timing of this coinciding with the fact that I have just released what was becoming a burden in a job that I had outgrown.

So am I wanting to replicate the freedom coming to me in my appearance also or am I feeling confidant wanting to wear it and own it. Does that even make sense? Maybe both.
Dave is nervous about it ( tee hee )
At the end of the day, more likely year, it will grow back if I don't like it or can't handle the maintenance.

I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Tuesday.
My regular hairdresser is on leave ( Coincidentally ) I may come out a chilly eared short haired girl : )

I like this pic of Winona Ryders hair.

and this of Kiera Knightleys hair from here ( I'm not really a celebrity spotter or follower but just noting the owners of the hairstyles and photos correctly )

and I like Michelle Williams new style too this image taken from here


  1. yay, go for it Tammy!!
    maybe start gradually & see how you go first. I got it cut last year aswell as it was always tied in a ponytail but left longer bits around the face to at least feel like it was a bit long and as the hairdresser said "a bit of security".
    maybe it is a freedom call, maybe you need a change, whatever it is embrace it...and it will of course grow back.
    goodluck! ♥

  2. Go for it. After all, it does grow back. :) Embrace your desire for a change.

    Coincidently my hair appt is Wednesday and I'll be getting mine cut back short again.

  3. You will feel like a new person... but make sure you have a good scarf to keep your neck warm in that Canberra winter.

  4. Do it Tammy short hair is really freeing and it's amazing what great condition it seems to get.

  5. i sit on the fence here....dd (16) shaved her head to help support a local family (successful, raised 3,500) but has since gone through the mill with it all..'i' think she felt many ways.
    Me....i have had long hair most of my life and each time i cut it short can not stand the maintenance it requires for short hair to look this good. However....LONG hair requires maintenance too...for me, much easier maintenance....i dont think i really helped there at all...i know though that each time i did cut my hair short i seriously regretted it. I felt like a boy and actually now...for me this is....i will just feel like an old you know T.... i am quite grey...a bit witchy perhaps...having said all that, it does grow back. :)

  6. Change can be scary but good too. I think it sounds like you are ready for a change, I say go for it and if you don't like it, like you said, it will always grow back. xo

  7. Oh go for it Tammy, it will grow back eventually if you dont like it and those styles you posted look very chic.
    PS have you seen any of this months PTI sneek peeks-i am so getting the admit 1 stamps and die and the jumbo ricrac die and the.......

  8. I have always been of the opinion that it is just hair and it does grow back. Give it a go, you might love it.

  9. Go on! Ya know ya want to!! You'll feel like a new woman!

  10. hi tammy, havent been on cause ive been really sick for a while but i see ive missed heaps of your posting. am loveing the cards and scrapping youve done. the page with the birthday photo is gorgeous. love the pic!! the Michelle Williams haircut is exactly how I wore my hair in high school :)
    i have my hair apt on friday but i dont think i will be having any drastic changes this time.

  11. well, those styles looks amazing and you would look cute with them BUT i must say from my own personal experience everytime i have EVER cut my hair shorter I regret it and spend the next year or two growing it out. Simply because I find longer hair so much more manageable. I don't have to dry it or style it or put product in it. I just brush it and off I go. If you have the patience to style then go for it!! xo m.


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