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Thanks to all for the kind thought's, words and sharing on my 'letting go' post, I should be able to shed more light and clarity regarding what it was in reference to within the next few days. Nothing to be worried about : )

My Step Father ( not that I really think of him that way ) He's my Mums husband since I was about 16ish.
Made this gorgeous toy box when I requested it, for my Miss when she was ... shall we say ... small. When we received it I roughly undercoated it and then I guess we started to use it and it has been that way for the last 4 - 5 years.

A couple of weekends ago I decided to paint it. I used Dulux Raw Cotton Quarter.
So here it is outside in its old rough undercoat ready for its new coat.
I learned a few things about painting and it is by no means a perfect job but looks so much better, I didn't realise it until I started to paint but the colour I chose had most definite pink/brown tones in the white. Its lovely.

I had thought as it is mainly used to store those not so often played games and 'sometimes' types of things that it would make lovely seating in her room too, so out of the linen cupboard came some random cushions called 'kneel pads' that I bought to line a bench in a group house I lived in 7 1/2 years ago.

removed the tassels.

Whipped up some fairly simple envelope back covers in the same fabric I used for her washing hamper a few months ago. I was a bit sad to loose the quilted look /effect on the cushions but Miss 'I love pink' does not mind at all

and here it is at the foot of her bed : )

Please excuse the lighting in these pics all taken on different days in different light.

A few weeks ago doing a bit of de cluttering I found an old wreath wrapped with gold wired ribbon and turned it into this for her room too.

The butterflies were hanging down vertically on raffia before I bought in the wreath and ribbon. They cast pretty shadows on the wall in the late afternoon and early evening.

My gorgeous guy and I went out on Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary, we have been together for 7 years. Sweet Sis came and stayed with the kiddos and we went out on a 'date'. I loved it. Its not something we do, but we might start trying to do more often. :)


  1. Happy anniversary, Tammy! Love what you've done with the box and mobile too. Hope everything is ok and look forward to the big reveal soon.

  2. The box looks great T. great makeover and I bet Miss 6 is tickled pink with it and the butterflies :)

  3. I love the mobile you whipped up! You are so crafty. Thanks for stopping by, nice to "meet" you.

  4. Happy Anniversary Tammy. How exciting "a date" was it fun. Your daughters bedroon additions look fantastic.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I was pleased to hear that you both enjoyed your date. DH and I usually have something on by ourselves about once a year....not very often so it is treasured when it does happen.
    The chest for you daughter is beautiful; and the cushions on it are fantastic! I understand how you feel about losing the quilted effect on them but this way you can wash the covers easy and also change them completely; with much more ease!


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