Cosmic co incidences ...

Or alternately titled the sequel to letting go.

photo taken Dec 2009 

On Friday the 2nd July I decided once and for all that I would not wait any longer and would resign from my job. One I had really outgrown after 2 1/2 years, one I was no longer loving. On the 3rd I blogged about how I was feeling in a post titled letting go 

Independent of those things earlier on that day the second of July I was submitting a query about something online and found the person I was submitting it to was someone I had worked with some 10 years ago. We shared a couple of brief OMGoodness, Hi, what have you been up to type emails. I had said in one line of mine that I had a casual job in retail that I really didn't love too much any more.

On Sunday the 4th I left my resignation letter in my draw at work in preparation for speaking to my Manager when she next worked on Tuesday and letting her know it was there.

On Monday the 5th in the chain of email, with the person I had randomly came into contact with, he asked if I wanted a job in his new office/business.

I was to say the least curious at how this came about and the amazing timing!

That Tuesday I resigned from my retail job, as planned, and worked out all of my shifts up until last Tuesday the 20th.

We negotiated a time to talk about what I was able to do and what was on offer. That ended up taking place on Friday the 16th, it all sounded really interesting and the vibe was great, his thoughts and feelings about team and people seemed to be aligned with mine : )

Yesterday I had a second meeting with two other members of the team. Talking to these guys was great they were both enthusiastic and looking forward we spoke comfortably and seemed to all be interested in what each of the others were saying and doing.

After that meeting I walked away wanting that job. Realising I'd be disappointed if they were not feeling the same way. I had gone, in two weeks, from someone giving up a job and not consciously looking for one to knowing I wanted to be a part of this team and their infectious enthusiasm. I had been diving into nothingness and saying I was open to new delicious opportunity, to having one present it self just two days after I put it out there. Can you believe that?

This afternoon as I proof read a final draft of a three line email asking if they wanted me as a part of the team, he called me and I was wowed again by the amazing co incidental timing. He asked me what I though and I told him. He said they all felt the same way : )

After 20 odd years I'm stepping out of retail.
I start my new job in 13 days.


  1. How exciting!!!! Hope you take the time to enjoy the upcoming days of rest and relaxation (who am I kidding?!!) before the new job starts. x

  2. Thats is fantastic T ... some things are just meant to be!

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. Wow Tammy. All indications are that this is right. Best of luck with the new adventure. Look forward to hearing more about it. {{hugs}}

  5. The right time and the right place, fate has a hand stepping in sometime. Good luck :D

  6. Cool. Sounds very exciting!

  7. Wow! Sounds like closing the door allowed opportunity to knock :)

    Congratulations Tammy!! Exciting stuff xox

  8. And so opens a new chapter! And it's clearly one that's meant to be because such a remarkable coincidence brought it all together. Have fun!

  9. wow wow wow and wow that sounds so good!

  10. Congratulations, Tammy! What an exciting turn of events. Can't wait to hear what you're up to! :o)

  11. Cosmic alright. Congratulations, how exciting. That was the closeing of one door and a very quick opening of another. Enjoy your days of before you start your new job.

  12. wonderful! Let the old stuff out to make room for the new.


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