Growing Up.

Miss went off to a Birthday Party today for a boy in her class.  I made him a card and quite enjoyed it, its not often I make little boy cards.

She has been asking us if we can drop her off at the School gate and not walk to the class room with her, now while I think she is more than ready for and capable of doing this, its not something I am ready for yet.
I also have never left my girl at a birthday party without me hovering somewhere in the background, this was always mutual though. Before we went today I discussed the prospect of me leaving if I thought it was OK and she felt OK about it, she didn't like the idea when we were at home but within minutes of being inside the home where the party was held and seeing one of her best friends also attending she said OK Mum I think I'm OK you can go now.
I hung around for another 10 minutes or so but then left and went back to get her at the allocated time. She had a ball and I enjoyed a little quiet time.

Ahhhh ... my Baby is growing up.


  1. So wonderful that she is growing up so well... and yet a little bit sad too. Being a human (and a mother at that) is so complicated.

  2. Cute the monkey!

    It's hard (for us!), when they start becoming more independant..but it's all good, it's what's meant to be :o)

  3. They grow up so fast. My youngest turns 14 today - how did that happen?


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