Taking photos and moving furniture ...

... Is about as creative as I am able this week. 

Next week I may be able to show you a painted wall, no promises though.

For some more interesting creativity in a variety of mediums pop on over to Kirstys.


  1. good luck with your move. i love love love your pic.xx

  2. Your cobweb is amazing - aren't they just so beautiful? x

  3. I love the picture of the cobweb, its beautiful. I love nature:) Enjoy your painting Tammy. I hope you are feeling better. xo

  4. enjoy the wall painting. i sounds fun in a you-get-to-wear-overalls-and-get-messy sort of way. xom.

  5. Lovely photo. Good luck with the painting.

  6. We cant be crafty all of the time. I am having the same problem myself this week-would rather read blogs than craft-but thats ok.
    Interested to see what colour you choose.

  7. Love your photos Tammy...so simple but so beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous photo and the orange colours look good! Can't wait to see the end product!


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