The simplest things

We never stop learning through play. Trial and Error are imperative in the learning process.
Miss discovered something new this morning ...

She's not just learning a different way to play with cards. She's thinking outside the box.

learning about ... Focus.


Setting and re setting Goals

Failure and Persistence.

Two little builders hard at work, playing as the winter sun streams in. Unsuspectingly learning important lessons that will help them get through life.


  1. I remember doing that when I was young. So much fun!!

  2. I love this post. There is so much truth in your words.

  3. and dont forget fine motor skills as i know from experience you have to have a light hand..Its great to see them playing side by side.

  4. I am awsomly impressed - what a clever one!

  5. that takes a lot of patience- good for her! xo m.

  6. A card house...that is simply amazing! I can't seem to get past getting 3 cards to stand.

  7. Good on Miss 6 for perservering - I used to love making house of cards. Don't know if my two are ready for it just yet ..... x


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