My inherited fabric stash.
As the days are getting colder I am noticing that Little Mr's coat sleeves are not really long enough and thinking Miss could use a shorter length winter coat too. So I start to think about heavier weight and more suitable fabrics.
Then it occurred to me to check what I had taken from my mums last year and some Dave bought home from his other family in Sydney. In my Mums I found some nice old bits of retro and vintage prints, Some small pieces of Pinwale cord, some standard grey corduroy, some heavy black denim or drill of some kind and a nice piece of linen and another of velvet.

In the Sydney stash some jumbo cord and a nice standard red piece. more linen. Nice Summer weights fabric too.

Why do I never think to look to look at these pieces ?
Now my mind is ticking over how to make rust coloured or grey cord acceptable to Miss 6 and ready to seek out a pattern and try something new. 
The frost this morning had everything glistening magically as we walked to School. The sun streaming in my windows is delightful but the wind is cold and its only 8 deg outside in that Sun, the apparent temp in the shade according to the Bureau of Meteorology is 0.5

Hope my Aussie friends are keeping warm.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you create from these pieces T :)

    It is even cold up here...our coldest day this year...only 13 degs and no sign of the sun...wishing we had heating :(

  2. I am cold but at least we reached 17 today. MMm how to get Miss 6 to wear cords-if you made a matching top jacket to wear with it do you think that would help?

  3. Such a lovely selection of fabrics Tammy. I look forward to seeing what you make.
    Keep warm. It's cold in the Illawarra too but nowhere near as cold as your part of the world.


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