Now that I type it I think puzzle is a strange word! 
Last week these plain chipboard puzzles I have had stashed away with my Scrapbooking supplies for an age, popped into my mind. I was thinking my Kiddo's are the right age to have a go at these now, heaven knows I never knew what to do with them.

Co incidentally yesterday morning Miss said Mum I'm going to make a puzzle today can you give me some cardboard, I told her I had something better and very helpful and presented her with a blank Chipboard puzzle. She frowned at it, said 'no thank you' and that it wasn't what she was thinking of, too many pieces etc.

I said Ok well Little Mr can have it and popped it onto his table, that is beside hers. I was thinking that if he started to draw on it, she might want to have a try too. Then it dawned on me that I should just do it to show her it was easy and there were no expectations.

She is a lot like me in her way of thinking so I do understand in her mind she probably automatically saw a picture perfect image on a puzzle just like the ones you can buy, then dismissed the exercise as she told herself that she could not reach that standard.

So I came back and started to draw on his puzzle. She was cutting out cardboard and paused. Then looked and made a sound. Hubs had also been trying to encourage her to try the chipboard when she flatly refused and he then interjected ... I think Miss might be changing her mind.

'Oh yes please I'd like it.'
I said well I have another so how about I give you a plain one.
I had drawn a cat on a grassy surface with a flower and the sun. It was still technically Little Mr's puzzle. He has added a monster, some sky, drinking juice and lemonade at our house, and a pond he also requested I add some more flowers I did a bird too ; )

* image removed * 

Miss's followed along the same lines and evolved differently with her addition of a cloud, tree, pond with fish, butterfly, caterpillar, ants, plants, house, invisible girl ... some things I have probably forgotten. She asked me to please draw her cats head she popped on the nose and whiskers and gave me a credit on her puzzle too.

*image removed *

  My daughter is so creative independently I often assume she will just run with something I think is a good idea. Sometimes I forget that its helpful to show them that imperfection is acceptable and trying can be fun.  Also to show them what to do or how to do it. Not to just give them something and assume they know how to play with it. 

We had a lot of fun creating these and later Daddy helped with doing them several times too.

I'm linking this post back to Childhood 101's we play, the image is linked : )


  1. How true we often assume they know what to do. I've made puzzles using boxes turned right side in, trim out the outer edge and glue it down to the back. The center section (cut out) we cut to shapes as the puzzle. Cereral boxes worked wonderful for this.

  2. They look great. What a fun craft that will last for a long time and you can admire over and over. xo m.

  3. Hello - I have an almost six year old and have found myself faced with a similar issue regarding her perceptions or expectations of her own ability. I think I should put your statement of "imperfection is acceptable and trying can be fun" on a banner for her, and for me as well!

    I also have some of those chip board puzzles - thanks for the reminder! I might dig them out since school holidays have begun :).

  4. Thanks for the reminder Tammy! I have a set of these around somewhere too. They will make for a great craft afternoon during the holidays. :)

  5. What fun, your children coloured,designed and then got to play with their creations. Good thinking Tammy.
    Stay warm tonight i here you are having a very cold time.

  6. That is a great idea and so much fun for the kids :)

  7. I wrote earlier in the week about modelling behaviours in creating and accepting imperfections and "incompleteness" (more a mummy perspective.

    Someone I read this week also wrote about puzzles, and between the two of you I now have an idea. Within my scrapbooking supplies I have a Coluzzle jigsaw template I might use on some of the many pictures that get produced in this house.

    Thank you for the inspiration :)!

  8. Working on puzzels is a generational thing in my fanily. My Mom, myself, my daughter & son and one of my grandsons are all crazy about putting puzzels together. It is a great indoor activity to escape from the hot Texas summers. I am not familiar with these puzzels you can draw on. I'm going to check out our local art and hobby supply store. Thanks for your post.

  9. The little pond with fish in it is my favourite bit! Love the detail...

  10. I've never seen these blank puzzles before but they look like great fun. It's especially true about children and their expectations. I don't know where it comes from - I know how much was expected of me as a child so I have purposely, soooo purposely, not imposed perfection or unrealistic expectations on my girls but Maia still has it. It's good to know that other people do too and god tip of yours to actually show them. x

  11. These are beautiful and such a great idea! Little puzzle designer! :)

  12. You did so well, reflecting upon your daughter's reluctance and providing support for her success. She has learnt so much more than how to make a puzzle here.


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