Making Mittens ??

Well folks it's Thursday again and that means its time for My creative space hosted by Kirsty.
I have had quite a creative time thus far this week, if you are a regular reader you will know it has been cold here and earlier this week I made the Pyjama pants from a Sheet, and knocked the girl scout dress off my UFO list.

I also finished this long abandoned princess dress up skirt, and recalled why I had abandoned it. I did not enjoy sewing this at all and it may in fact be the shoddiest sewing I have ever done.

beautiful curtsey 

Then yesterday afternoon as I had this Apple Tea cake in the oven 

I had a great idea to make this long ago outgrown baby jumper into some mittens. As it is quite chilly walking to School in the mornings.

So after much trying on and pinning and sewing and tweaking and sewing again and tweaking again, I ended up with one mitten that fits quite well.

But ...

Is just not quite right.
 It's all to do with the thumb.
 It needs a separate thumb. It just doesn't feel right, it sits a bit sideways.

So last night I googled and found a pattern for these absolutely stunningly gorgeous felt mittens at 'the purl bee'.
I could definitely work with that pattern.
And this one from 'D is for Delicate' could work quite nicely too.

Thank goodness I'm off duty for the school walk today. Stay tuned for mittens. : )


  1. Good luck with the thumb placement Tammy. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    PS. how good would motherproofed wool actually be? no way you could shrink that ;)

  2. The mittens look lovely and the skirt too :)

  3. Would love to come round to yours for a piece of delicious looking cake!! I tried mittens too last year and then abandoned them after 3 turned out wrong - so thanks for the links I'll maybe try again this year. x

  4. Lovely skirt,and that cake just look so delicious!
    I love the idea of using outgrown things. I just cleared out my son's and daughter's cupboard. I will make something from the outgrown clothes.

  5. Lot's of lovely...Another yay for blogland helping us out on our crafty missions...Can't wait to see them finished.

  6. Now that's a creative week. Your example is spurring me on, I'll been dragging the chain this week.

  7. love what you have been up to this week, great work with the mittens. MMM, that cake looks too good...

  8. It's great having a creative week! Your mittens are looking great Tammy:)

  9. omgosh! you are too clever to get mittens out of arm sleeves!!
    Love the princess skirt...I know Miss R doesn't care how shoddy the sewing is on it ;)

  10. love your little fairy!

  11. oh the skirt looks great, miss 5 obviously loves it. The cake looks yum as well. Good luck with your mittens.

  12. Oh a tea cake, great idea! I'm off to make one now, thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to seeing the new and improved mittens.

  13. I love that you have re-used an old kids jumper for the mittens! Great idea! They look fab too, good luck with fixing the thumb.


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