I was going to post about Pizza

...but then yesterday afternoon I decided to frog the Granny Shrug. Its not totally off my radar but just not in that yarn and not now
As I stated to pull out the part of the third round I had started I wondered if I could make a beanie from what I already had, ambitious, as Crochet is not my strong suit. Though as I had gained an ear ache ( thanks wind ) on the way to School that afternoon a beanie seemed necessary.
last night I ended up with this : )

I'm sure there are lots of things wrong with the order of construction when I compare it to pictures of other crochet beanies and hats online, but I am so happy that I just created this all by myself playing around with some 12 ply wool and a 6mm hook

Considering I can not really read a crochet pattern and have only ever crochet dishcloth's and book marks in single and straight trebles, oh and a few flowers. I'm feeling so pleased with myself and clever for making something practical I can wear.
Its a great feeling being able to get that picture in your mind out as an actual item pretty close to what you were imagining.

Happy Weekend everyone.
I'll save my dough and cooking Pizza on a stone post for another time.


  1. Looks great Tammy! I've been making up my own pattern granny beanies for the last few weeks and I am convinced that the ones that look best are the ones that just sort of happen without a pattern and without too much thought.
    I've got my granny shrug here next to me. I'm thinking of unravelling it too. I just have a feeling its not my thing.
    Have a great weekend and keep warm. X

  2. Tammy you've done a beautiful job it looks sooo good. It looks fabulous on too:))))

  3. Looks pretty good to me! I crocheted a beanie for Michael and I tried 2 or 3 patterns off Ravelry and just couldn't get ot right, so I took the basic idea from those patterns and just made it up as I went along! He sems pretty pleased with it, and at 18 yrs old I thought that was pretty good goind. I've since heard that his mates have been fighting over it too! Love the wool you used, what is it!

  4. It looks great!!

  5. adorable- love the blue ribbon too! xo m.

  6. wow looks great, you just never know what you can do until you try :o)

  7. Oh That looks so cute too!
    Beanies are a neccessity here as I t is getting cold,But At least yours looks funky

  8. wow that looks awesome!!! Almost enticing me to give crochet a go... almost!

  9. Now that's clever and it suits you so well.

  10. Cute photo! I love the beanie, I was wishing I had worn one to work today.

  11. Looks fantastic! Very beautiful! :)

  12. Tammy its fantastic, well done and beautiful photo. Hope that stops the wind from getting in your ears.

  13. oh that IS clever Tammy!! good on you :)

  14. It looks really great! Good on you.

  15. it's gorgeous! I can't really crochet at all - but have been looking online at how to form the stitches, so I'd like to give it a try. Your beanie will inspire me!

  16. What a great beanie - it looks awesome to me! x


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