I took a fall.

Not metaphorically, physically. : (

I was to get Miss from School, walking on the gutter, it wasn't a square gutter though one of those angled sloping ones IYKWIM. 
The ground was still a bit water logged in a few places and I don't love walking on the gravel at the front of that house, they have as a part of their landscaping and it's on the nature strip sight up to the gutter. Its harder work, its loose and quite deep so all sort of moves under your feet, the kids love it and pretend they are crunching through snow. Its tiny white decorative stuff.

Anyway as I was meandering along watching Little Mr in front with my hands stuffed into my coat pockets, my feet just literally went out from under me, I heard the grating, skidding sound of the gravel moving under my feet, felt a brief moment of Panic as I tried to put out my hands and couldn't and then I just hit the ground. I layed there stunned, for a few seconds I guess, then rolled on to my back still stunned processing what had happened Consciously thinking 'I just fell over, that really hurt' ... repeatedly. I guess it was my mind trying to get me to accept what had just happened. Then I sat up, everything was a bit surreal at that point I realised Little Mr was with me - well up ahead on the grass standing looking at me. He called out to ask me did I hurt myself in a concerned way I said 'Yes I hurt myself' and he laughed a lot, in a semi forced way like he does at kind of slapstick funny cartoons - Mum fell over and hurt her self what an unlikely ridiculous prospect!
I was in a cloudy kind of though process taking stock of what I had hurt and wondering if anyone would come and express concern or try to help me. I was thinking that at this time of day the family of that home are sometimes out and the Dutch lady next door is often pottering in her garden. I saw two guys talking in a driveway on the bend across the road and felt quite sure they hadn't seen what happened and were not even aware I was there, sitting on the ground in a daze.

After a minute or two that seemed like ten, I realised I had to get to School so I tentatively got up and started walking, feeling all kinds of discomfort on the right side of my body that hit the ground. I decided walking home from School was not going to be fun, if even possible. I called LOML to see if he could leave work and come and get us and when I heard his voice my tears started flowing.
Then I called work and tried to explain what had happened to my boss and that I wouldn't be working that night, still a bit teary but also laughing too much.

We came home and Hubs took care of everything, I had a hot shower, applied some heat to my aches and had a snooze.
Thought bit more about my worn out shoes and noted the non existent tread.
Had a quiet craft free night watching a movie with him.

This morning the longer I am awake the more discomfort I feel. 
I am sore in a lot of places but mainly just all up the right of my body, the right side of my back is sore muscularly my wrist is a bit achey. Sore thigh and shoulder.
Depending on what I am doing at affects a different area differently so I'm thinking not much typing for me with this wrist. I don't want to aggrevate anything. Its going to be a slow, gentle, restful weekend. It really could have been a lot worse, the slippery gravel that made me fall actually also cushioned my fall to a degree.

I Hope you all have fabulous weekends, just wanted to let you know why I'm being quiet.


  1. Aww Tammy. That's no good at all, silly duffer. Hope your aches and pains fade soon. Love the sympathetic (not) laughter from your little man.....aren't kids just treasures?! Take care. xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself so badly! Rest up, take it easy. Maybe consider getting a chiropractic adjustment for you back, if you can.

  3. ouch T! I hope you can take it easy today and let your body recover.

  4. i was cringing all the way through that tammy. ouch and i hope you relax all weekend. have just read your last post cause i havent been on in a couple of days. love the beanie!!! it's gorgeous and looks really cute on - very nice phone too tammy :)

  5. Hope you feel better! Sounds horrible- poor you! Get some rest. xoxo m.

  6. Oh dear Tammy, I hope that I didn't start something amongst the DTE mods, you poor thing! Rest up and do go to your GP if anything feels not right.

  7. That sounds awful, Tammy! This is the time to have lots of baths! I'm guessing not giving in to the couch potato option and keeping moving (slowly) might mean less stiffness, but I have absolutely no expertise in this area so it might be really bad advice :-). But if your wrist is still sore in a few days, please get it checked by the doctor - my husband broke his scaphoid (a bone in the wrist) a few months ago and it took him 2 weeks to decide to get it checked because it was more achy than painful. Thankfully it's healed really well, but it's better to get these things earlier rather than later!

    Heal quickly xx.

  8. Oh, my, you poor thing. Rest well :)

  9. Hope you are on the mend soon. I can fully empathise as I have had two bad falls since being a grown up!!! I too had my hands and arms inside a jacket once so had nothing to break my fall and then another time I was running along a very crowded high street in the UK and just fell down the kerb!!!!!! Here's hoping you have a lovely rest of the weekend. x

  10. Oh no, makes you feel really vulnerable doesn't it?? Also makes you realise how children just brush that kind of accident off & continue, they're so tough!! Get well soon, love Posie

  11. Gee Tammy if you are in a lot of pain by Monday you had better go to the doctors. Take it easy, hopefully the shock has worn off now. Rest and take it easy.

  12. Oh Tammy, rest up love and take it easy. Before i had surgery on my e ankle to fix an ongoing problem I would fall over like this about once a month so i can totally understand the feeling of pain in parts of your body you didnt even know existed! Thinking of you xx

  13. Oh no Tammy:( Take it easy and rest up. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you. xo

  14. Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery. *hugs*

  15. That is no good at all. I hope you're feeling much better now, when you're reading this.
    What a shock too? Children fall over all the time... but I couldn't tell you the last time I fell over. It would stun me I think... meanwhile my little girl falls over all the time and just bounces up - all part of her daily grind.
    TAKE CARE ... and get some new shoes!

  16. bless you lovely, sending hugs and love across the miles .. hoping those aches and pains ease very soon xx

  17. Hope you feel better soon. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Take it easy.

  18. So sorry to hear of your fall, Tammy. I hope you are feeling a little better now and well rested. What a fright. Take it easy and let the others help out.

    BTW, I LOVE that hat!!


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