Generally I'm a cup half full kind of Person. I'm not perfect. I do have feelings and an intact value system so there are reactions, opinions and feelings playing into the whole thing ... but generally I'm more glad for and aware of what I do have than I am worrying or whining for what I don't. 
I am able to see beauty in imperfection and I frequently see things ( not people or situations ) as what they can be rather than what they actually are.

I have been thinking about this a lot this past weekend.
Thinking about the way people think and the lenses they see the world through.
After my fall a series of not usual , unfortunate things happened.
When I went to get in the car the wheel cover on the passenger side was missing ( we had new tyres put on the weekend before ), Saturday morning I discovered I had lost my house keys when I fell, Saturday LOML lost his phone, we discovered the CD player in the car wasn't working and ... I think I am forgetting something else ...

In any case all inconvenient, some what frustrating and potentially expensive issues.
When I posted on The DTE forum how lucky I was feeling that the keys were found and the phone also recovered 24 hours later. The question was posed wasn't it in fact unlucky that we lost them in the first place and then, while lucky we found, them didn't the two cancel each other out and render the whole thing neutral?

What do you think?

I replied that while yes, cosmically, it was probably neutral I certainly felt more lucky to find than unlucky to have lost. When I thought about it further I don't believe I ever thought of the issues as unlucky to begin with. Irritating and potentially inconvenient perhaps, but  not unlucky.

I made a deposit to the cosmic energy bank on Sunday packing up and clearing out previously loved soft toys, lots of perfectly good baby toys and playthings and some partially functioning toddler toys that someone will get some joy from. They have been sitting, victims of my indecision, since the baby and kids market. I took the dollar value off them and put a energy value on them. The reason I had not tried to sell again after the market is because I realised I would probably not get a dollar value from these items that I believed they were worth. Add to that the effort in photographing and listing for sale ... It wasn't adding up to be worth it to me, I envisioned disappointment.
So instead envisioning the joy someone would get buying a clean baby play mat with two unbroken over hangs and all the attached dangling toys for $5.00 from the Salvos ... Well doesn't that far out weight my potential disappointment ... Cosmically ...?
I believe it does.

After I walked to School yesterday afternoon my leg started to act up, it has been on and off since I fell.
It put me in a bad mood, tired of being sore and achey and not right, I didn't want to cook, called Hubs and asked him to get takeaway on the way home. I hung up on him when he erred his voice of reason I knew he was reasonably considering the expense and I didn't like it so snapped at him and hung up like a brat.
Then I went to the kitchen and prepared the food I had already taken from the freezer earlier in the day. 

While I was chopping and cooking and cleaning I thought about how and if I could change my mood.

My idea was just to do something different and nice to bring some joy to the kids as I had been grumpy. I took down some of the many  fancy dessert glasses after dinner and chopped bananas into the bottom of each glass then topped with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkles for the kids. Passion fruit for the adults.
Oh the delight, surprise, joy, chatter, appreciation and thanks that came from that simple act humbled me. I  apologised for my unreasonable phone behaviour and the energy got me through the rest of the night in a mood better than I had experienced for days.

I often thinking of doing something nice for myself to improve my spirit but sometimes it just about doing something simple, unexpected or kind for someone else.


  1. I'm a glass half full girl, and like you would see the positive in finding the keys and phone rather than see it as a negative or each balancing the other out.

    Life is too short to get bogged down in the takes a little work but life is more enjoyable if you can focus on the good.
    I know a mum at school who is always doom and gloom and it wears me out :(

    Good on you for turning your negative around and making your family happy in such a simple way yesterday :)

  2. I think ice cream and sprinkles is a universal winner because we had it on Sunday night and I certainly was the best mum on my little girl's eyes! It's so much better to think of the good things instead of dwelling on the 'bad'. I too often have a clear out and take it all to the Sallies for over selling it - I always find so much from them isn't it right to give back? x

  3. I definately don't see the key/phone thing as a negative or unlucky... Overall in most situations, I tend to think "it could of been worse".. Enjoyed reading your post - does make you think about the simple things and also makes you think about what is truly important. Take Care Jackie

  4. mmm am i a half full or empty, i guess it depends on what type of mood i am in. Oh Tammy what a difficult week you are having, i hope you had a sundae with sprinkles on.
    Take care

  5. Wow, what a great post.

    I also like to give things away to charity or to people who need them. I also feel that the energy spent on photographing and trying to move the things out of my life is wasted.

    Much better to use that time and energy for more productive things. Like making yummy dessert for your family. Good on you!

  6. It's so easy to focus on the bad things that happen and negative thoughts can get out of control if you let it but there is always something positive to be found out of what may seem negative.Someone once told me things always happen for a reason and to step back and see what the situation has taught you and you did that beautifully. I have been in the mindset of a glass half empty and I wanted to say thank you for showing me Tammy that all I need to do is change my way of thinking and things will work out. I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs Catherine xo

  7. Great post Tammy. I try to see the good in most situations, although I admit that I fail miserably some times. I would agree that the positive of finding the keys and phone would outweigh the negative of losing them. I know that doesn't 'balance' but neither do emotions sometimes.

    And I am a big believer in the sayings 'what goes around, comes around' and 'you reap what you sow'. Positive attitudes, happy personalities and a giving nature bless not only the person themselves but all those around them.

    And ice-cream is always a hit around here too. :)

    Hugs, Cass


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