I have been sewing!

Look at this gorgeous Bright Robert Kaufman Girl scout Fabric!
I got this fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop last year.
I started to sew a dress for Miss early last summer.
It may be a pattern from the carefree clothes for girls book, or a slightly modified version, in any case that's where the basic pattern came from.

I have a lot of UFOs ( Unfinished Objects ) when it comes to my creating and they have been playing on my mind lately. So I started a list down there in my left sidebar and will remove them as I do them. The list does not include my WIP's ( work in progress ) just the things I have started and abandoned in favour of something else that took my fancy. 
I'm not decided if my Granny Shrug is a WIP or UFO yet.

So this dress only needed a hem and a button.
I abandoned it as I had done a double row of top stitching as a feature on the neckline, without a double needle. I viewed the result as appalling and disastrous. I had been trying to find a suitable way to conceal it with trim or collar.

Though when I pulled it out yesterday I realised it was imperfect, not terribly disastrous and tell me who would be examining my daughters neckline so critically to note that the spacing between the stitching on one side was a few mm wider than the other ?? and that it is not perfectly straight?

So I dusted off my machine and got to work. 
I'm thinking it was fortuitous timing too as I'm sure it was longer when I started ; ) and by the time Summer comes around its going to be a bit shorter than what I think is a suitable length for a dress!

It has turned out as a perfect winter over dress and will bring some interesting brightness to our winter.
Right now I'm making myself some pyjama pants from a sheet I picked up at the Op shop yesterday.
I washed it and hung it out and started work last night. they are a double thickness of a thin cotton sheet, I'm really happy with how its all working out so far.

Thanks to everyone for the great Pumpkin links and ideas from my last post too, you are an awesome bunch of helpful peeps. I ♥ my readers. 


  1. Oh Well Done Tammy!!!
    How Gorgeous is this sweet little dress!
    and the resulting smiles after finishing this UFO must surely be worth it, miss 6 looks thrilled with her new winter dress :)

  2. gorgeous dress, love the bright colours and patterns. Look at the big smiles on her face. i just read through the pumpkin comments and now i can't stop thinking of pumpkin gnocci. not something i should be salivation over at 9 in the morning.

  3. No help from me with the pumpkins, I hate the things. I wont even let the boys grow them on the farm any more.
    Your Miss 6 is gorgeous. She's looking more like you every time you post a picture of her. That dress is pretty cute too.
    I am very interested to see if the list of projects helps you get through them. I'd be too embarassed to admit to how many I have.
    Hope you are having a great weekened. X

  4. great work, what a fabulous dress! I have decided that UFOs are just a fact of life, feels great when you finish them though!

  5. Great looking little dress!

  6. Love the colors of the dress!! Miss 6 looks great wearing it.

  7. Cute dress! I like that fabric. Your little one sure looks happy wearing it.

  8. love the print T!
    R really looks like you in that first photo, first time I have seen her look so much more like you than Dad :)

  9. You have to be so careful with children WIPs and UFOs... they grow so fast.
    Beautiful dress. Loving that super cool fabric.

  10. I love that fabric, cute dress and girl!!!

  11. Lovin' the fabric for the dress, Tammy! And the dress is fab too, clever you! Gotta love a winter overdress. I'm off to check out your pj pants ;o)


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