Happy Birthday ...

... my Beautiful sweet baby girl, has it really been x years?
Here are some of my favourite photos from this morning's present opening before School.

The table as she came out.

Callum giving her his personally selected gifts

Opening his gifts


Oh Mum!!! a - what are these dolls called again? ( Dew Drop Girls )
Would you please email your friend and say thank you?
Me - Thank you for .... ?
'Making me this beautiful Dolly!'
Me - I made that sweetheart, I have been secretly sewing while you are sleeping and at School.
Her facial expression -
Awww heart melting..

Ahhh heres what she really, really wanted! A scooter.

All the littler loot. Origami paper, a big girl book, stationery, a journal, spare wheels, decorative tape and Yvette the gorgeous ( predominately ) Nicey Jane, Dew drop Girl. I'll do a post on her all for herself soon.
More Birthday Pics and words tomorrow.


  1. ooh! lots of lovely gifts there!!
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl.
    Love the card and can't wait to see more of the Dew Drop.

  2. So sweet. Happy Birthday to Miss 6.

  3. Oh what a lovely way to start the day for all of you. Happy birthday to Miss 6.

  4. Happy birthday Miss 6!

  5. I hope Miss 6 had a lovely day. ♥
    ..my Beautiful(handsome) sweet(pain in the bum) baby(great lump) boy is 18 in 7 days! Now where has that gone! :-0

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! Callum got a scooter for his birthday in April. :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I hope she had a fun day, she looks like she started the day very happy Tammy opening her presents. Doesn't time go by fast....

  8. Cherish the moments! You have captured it beautifully with your words and pictures.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to miss SIX! I love how their names get to change each year. Sounds like she had a wonderful day thanks to Mama! xo m.


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