Good for the Soul

After the last few days of birthday baking and sewing I have been feeling a bit behind, tired and irritated.
I was happy with what I got done and while I wasn't flustered in doing it I did it at the neglect of washing and other household things. So I was not feeling ... good.

Special Birthday cake.

Then came today, I was irritable to say the least this morning. I was woken too early, before 5.
then as the morning progressed things changed. My cup changed to half full : )

I had a nice, funny, interesting chat to a Mum at School that I chat to often and only today realised I 'know', well 'know of' at least, through the blog world!

Then I went to the PO and sent of a RAK to a lovely online friend.
After that I went to the mall and visited the amazing fabric store, I had discovered last week. I walked around and soaked it up and looked at handbag handles and all sorts of lovely goodies I did not know existed. Not to mention the bolts and bolts of gorgeous quilting cottons. As I browsed I felt my tension melting away.
I bought a larger crochet hook while I was there.
Then I took a walk up to the fruit and Veg markets, its Sunny and crisp, I returned the cake tin we hired on the weekend, browsed and bought fruit and Veg, not rushed or pestered. The lady who processed my fruit and veg purchase was chatty and friendly.
I went and had a Cuppa in my fave organic shop and it smelled delicious in there and was quiet and cosy. I read the class lists from the fabric shop.
Came home unpacked and reheated some especially good home made pizza, I opened a couple of windows and put another load of washing in.

Now I'm not so worried about the sauce splashed on my kitchen splash back's and dirty floors. 
Sometimes you just need to take a little break, and the Sun is a definite mood enhancer after so many rainy grey days. Messy Floor will still be waiting tomorrow. :)


  1. It's nice being at home but sometimes you just need to escape and get out or you just go plain stir crazy!

  2. That sounds like such a great day.And exactly how I like to recharge too- some leisurely poking about with inspiring and beautiful things like fabric and veges to re-charge the batteries that keep you domestically creative. Pleasant chats and a coffee...chuck in a trip to the op-shop and it would be perfect!

  3. hmmm...taking stock by the sounds of things...good for you...enjoy your children, your time, sounds like you had a busy few days. Love what you 'did do' did well :)x

  4. You said it, messy floor ain't going anywhere!! Sounds like a wonderful day..don't you just love to browse, un-rushed!! A bit of sunshine's always nice, too :o)

  5. Oh what a lovely cake and what a lovely day you had. As the saying goes sometimes you just have to "stop and smell the roses"
    PS i printed off the pattern for that gorgeous granny shrug you had linked to your blog yesterday, i am going to give it a go and if i get stuck there is an older lady at work who said she will help me.

  6. Ha ha, glad to help make things turn your day into a better one, and so awesome to make a new connection this way!

    Your cards are a.m.a.z.i.n.g Tammy... love it! xxx


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