Dew Drop Girl

I'm playing along with Kootoyoo again
Well after my creative hats post last week I started a few things.
I also finished one.

I finally cut into some of my Nicey Jane fat quarters I won from the fat Quarter Shop at Christmas time and used Bec from Blinking Flights Dew drop Girls pattern to make this for my daughters Birthday. I'm not sure what the yellow fabric is it was a piece from my stash.

Embroidering her face is the first step and seeing it all come together from there is great.
I really enjoyed making this Dew Drop Dolly.

She loves it and wants another. I would happily make her one too, Becs pattern instructions are so detailed and easy to follow. 

Sleeping Beauty

Isn't this just the best compliment I could get! That night all other bed time cuddlies moved aside, not really even in the bed any more but next to the pillow, to make room for Yvette.


  1. That's the ultimate seal of approval for a doll! She's lovely.

  2. excellent use of fabric. Looks like she found the perfect home :)

  3. I love the photo of the two of them in bed together - the ultimate compliment I think. Great fabrics too.

  4. That is just adorable.

  5. She's very sweet Tammy and even sweetier how much your girl adores her too.:)

  6. What two cute little girls you have!! x

  7. The doll looks so well-made, Tammy! It's so pretty and so cute seeing your daughter sleeping with her.

  8. She is darling T!
    I bet there is a certain little man in your house that would love a boy version ;)

  9. the dolly's face is gorgeous, you've done such a great job with it ... where did you get it from?
    My Creative Space

  10. Wow Tammy she is divine! I am sure Miss 6 was thrilled. You present is still sitting on the table waiting to go to the post office. Fingers crossed I find some time on Monday! xx m.

  11. Very cute T :)
    and what a huge thrill to know she loves it so much too!

  12. Wow Tammy, what a gorgeous doll. Love the fabrics too :)

  13. Too cute to see them cuddled up!! xx.

  14. so gorgeous! Your right this doll is just perfect. well done!


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