Cold Hard evidence

Of the night time temperature here these last few days.
I took all of these photos yesterday, Oh Miss 6 took the ice ones. :)

So lets start under our front eaves.

Then on to the expanse in front of the house

Finally out to the front border

These buckets were on our back steps.
One round one square, Its a few mm thick, the square one started to freeze down the sides of the bucket as well and if you look closely you'll note a frozen clover and a poor fly.


Now you know why I need warm PJ's ; )


  1. Brrrrr!!!!

  2. Wow. That's almost Canadian worthy! xo m.

  3. Great photos...I'm getting goosebumps just looking at them!

  4. My DH will be in Canberra on Thu and Fri and he's packing lots of warm woollies for sure! Brrr!

  5. Could it be that you are colder there than we are here for once? Great pics Tammy. X

  6. Yes thats cold. I wont complain when we get 3. Ok i still will.

  7. Oh wow that's cold Tammy! Brrrr xo

  8. Oh, my!! Check out that sliver of ice!! And the crunchy underfoot...I can practically hear it. I've been seeing your temps on the news at night and thinking of you :o)

  9. That's how I feel in September.

    Glad you have your cozy jammies to keep you warm. Snuggle tight


  10. brrr! those photos take me back to my younger years...not missing Canberra so much right now!! lol.

  11. I am told there is ice on the river in Yass till quite late in the day at the moment. I am trying to get out of bed early to get down there to check it out but it is too cold to get up!!


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