Against the odds.

These two little lettuce grow.

through winter with a third teny tiny seedling at their feet. self sewn and moved roughly by me into a half full random plastic pot.
They are outside where our night time temps are reaching up to -5 and seeming to average around -3 our day time temps sitting between 8 and 12 deg. They get between 2 and 4 hours of sunlight at most.

They are on the second shelf of a post stand near to the wall of the house. They obviously like it there

They are not very big, but big enough to take a few tasty leaves from for a bread roll or sandwich. Nice to know that all my edible gardening efforts are not finished up and also laughable that the first seedlings these plants came from were the ones I tended and cared for lovingly and they did not reach their potential or thrive. Yet several successes have come through much more careless efforts with the seeds of those originals.


  1. Their cousins are growing here.

  2. Wow!!! I've not planted anything yet for winter - didn't know if it would grow or not! x


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