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Lately I have been pondering my creative identity. Thinking of myself as having a collection of hats eg. My knitting hat, card making hat, sewing hat ... 
Just a random side thought as I type of course if they were real hats my sewing hat would be made from fabric,  my card making hat from paper,  I'd have a cute beanie for knitting .... Ah but I  digress.

My most worn hat these last few months has been without doubt my Card making one. Where I have been participating in lots of challenges and this is familiar and comforting to me. I know it. I lived and breathed paper crafting on line for a while a few years ago.

My sewing hat is vying for attention and a wear I even went so far as to take it out and look at it, I haven't put it away yet, but haven't put it on either.

Recently under pressure of an entirely sick family, feeling helpless, lost, pressured, behind and beginning to be engulfed by darkness it was the crocheting hat that was whipped out for an afternoon wear and it saw some light the next day too. It calmed and soothed me. it is not the hat I would have expected to grab in that situation, being the least familiar to me and the one I fumble with more than the others but in the heat of the moment it was the right one. 

Wearing my crocheting hat made me long for my knitters hat. So now I have taken it out and am looking at it, again have not put it on yet, but it is definitely dusted off. 

I don't know which I will put on next and am somewhat struggling with giving them all a fair wear. I'm questioning how to get it right and how to balance them all. Feeling a bit lost with my creative identity I guess, which hat fits best?

Well I do know I am looking forward to getting into the cute dew drop girl doll pattern and my gorgeous Silk/Merino Skeins from Lush Yarns. I'm going to make myself a Scarf and try to stop thinking about hats ; )
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  1. Tammy that yarn is gorgeous! Would you mind sharing what it is?

    I do hope that you are all on the mend.

  2. Follow your heart I suppose... Just do what feels right at the time. I reckon making a collection of actual hats for crafty situations sounds like great fun too.

  3. Tammy. This is such a great post, as it sounds so familiar. I too have many, many hats and though I have many interests, I've never stuck at one more than another long enough to become 'good' or 'proficient' at anything. I dabble, basically.

    I love sewing, knitting, crafting, learning an instrument, learning a new language, cycling/walking, trying to turn raw vegan even. I get my hat on and get into it, but always, at some point, the energy and enthusiasm I had to begin with wanes.

    So I put on a different hat. I recently began wondering whether I was a 'quitter' because I lose interest wihtout warning, and remain without skill in any of my chosen activities. I began to worry that some of the larger choices in my life might suddenly lose lustre (being a wife, a mother, a Christian)
    Thankyou for this post, as it has made me realise I'm not totally alone, and not really a failure for being like this. I know that I will never regret or turn my back on the larger things, as they are the foundation/base of my life. The other things like living simply and all the activites that entails are embellishments. Like having a bare home, and then furnishing it.

    So long as I still am who I am at heart. The other stuff is fun and exciting and needs to change to keep me interested.

    This is long, perhaps I should have just made a blog post about it! Anyway, I hope you get my point.

  4. Lovely cards, I have been wearing both my crochet and knitting hats a lot lately. Although the baking hat has crept in mighty fast. :) Enjoy those hats they look good on you :)

  5. I too have a lot of hats and sometimes wonder which one to 'wear'. Then I decided to just do whatever made me happy at the time. You know how much I love scrapping and yet I haven't done a layout in 3 months. I have been enjoying making cards, and trying crochet, and dabbling in sewing, and baking.
    Like everything else in life, just follow your heart! :)

  6. I too have many hats – you are so not alone. I have the artist hat, which involves many sub hats, the oil painter, the pastelsist, the stone sculptor and now the dabbling water colourist. Then there is my latest obsession a crocheting hat (I actually did crochet myself a hat last night!!). I have also recently been wearing the jewellery making hat both silversmithing and copper work and then there is the burnt organza flower making hat too. I am sure I have missed lots, it’s fun learning new things and flitting from one thing to the next, but sometimes I wonder about my lack of focus too!

  7. I know the feeling. Sometimes I end up with so many different projects on the go I don't know what I am doing when I get back to them. It's lovely to chop and change when the whim takes you though. Lovely cards and those little crochet flowers are very cute.

  8. I get that often! I think I'm a crafter of many things, but a master of none! But I'm not sure I have the focus to become a master of any - competence is enough for now, and I'm getting better at all of them! At least this way I don't get bored, even if sometimes I'm overwhelmed by too many options :-)

  9. The flowers are fun. I miss you sewing hat! But your paper hat has been busy busy creating such gorgeous stuff! As long as you have a creative outlet who cares which hat you're wearing! xo m.

  10. It's good to ponder every now and then, Tammy. Crochet is definitely up there on my list of things to learn 'one day'..*sigh* Your flowers look so lovely. When I think about the different hats I wear, they always seem to be in rotation, and there is always one that is calling out to be worn but doesn't get a look in for the same reasons you describe... Your hats will all get their chance in the spotlight at some point because you are still yearning for them..

  11. Tammy you forgot the cooking/baking hat, dont worry we all need a few hats,i have the same ones as you. At least we never have to say "I'm Bored"

  12. Oh Tammy I am hearing you...

    Moments like these (I said moments because we do not let them last!) do pass with the drive and tanasity you have it will pass. I believe we need these different ups and downs - it means we can appreciate the ups more or life would not be interesting. WInter is coming on and it is getting cooler/wetter it can dampen the soul. Perhaps some vit D and B is called for?

    Go with it Tammy - just let it happen - you have A LOT more on your plate than you give yourself credit for.

  13. T...i wish i had thought of asking you to show me how to create these little beauties when you were up recently...silly me..those little flowers are so gorgeous..Sending get well wishes your way..:)x

  14. please give me all the details for the skeins you have. i love the colours and i've been looking for something similar and having no luck at all.


    My Creative Space

  15. i do know what you mean. sometimes it's much more fun to pop on the hat that you feel like wearing rather than the one you should be wearing. i find crochet very therapeutic. i also love that i can frequently change my hat


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