A volunteer

Back in late Feb this appeared at the base of my compost bin

With in a few days it was looking like this

Within a couple of months this is it now, and that's pruned off well mowed over really.

The first fruit appeared and deteriorated.

the second and third appeared and it seems the third likes its spot nestled between the grass clipping's and fence. Its bigger than a soft ball but not as big as a Soccer ball.

The 4th might end up behind the compost bin, if it gets far. The frosts will start soon.

So I can only wait and see if my volunteer ends up giving us anything but it is doing well with no love or attention so far.


  1. Tammy our best pumpkins came from one just like that! Hope yours is as good.

  2. How exciting, you must photo them when they are ready.

  3. Oh yum! How sweet of them to volunteer. I bet there will be some pumpkin soup cooking in your kitchen soon.

  4. I hope you end up with enough for a big pot of soup and some scones. :)

  5. How cool is that!! Can't wait to see how big they get!! xo

  6. Some lovely looking pumpkins you have there, Tammy! You can always throw a sheet or some plastic over the plant if you are expecting a frosty night, although I saw the news last night..or the night before and you were due for an overnight low of 2c! Ugh!

    Gotta love those volunteers ;o)


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