Today I made ...

Some butterflies. This photo is not great as the light in my kitchen is ... not great.

I die cut the felt and added one of my pre cut felt flowers, pulled out my jig and worked some wire into antenna.
Now do you want to know what the actual clever part is ....

Have you asked why was I taking photos of felt butterflies in my kitchen? Whats below the felt?

I finally found a use for all of those ancient advertising magnets I have saved for an absolute Age ... (since 7 digit phone numbers in some cases) Inspiration for this project taken from the beautiful blog of  Lisa Johnson.  
Felt butterfly magnets are great for holding those tricky home work sight words on the fridge : )
Watch out for more colours soon. : )


  1. Love the butterflies magnets T...great idea!

  2. So clever and absolutely perfect for those pesky sight words.

  3. Very clever Tammy they look gorgeous. mmm i bought some felt the other day and i might i have to copy but with flowers, and yes i have a ton of old fridge magnets sitting there waiting for something.

  4. They look great Tammy! Very clever idea for using up those magnets and pretty too.:)

  5. Great idea!! They look good.

  6. Super sweet butterflies.

  7. How fabulous. I have often wondered if you could do that with felt,and now I know.

  8. How very imaginative! They look great!


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