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Always struggle to know what stamp to put on the back of my cards, and especially now so that I am selling cards frequently. So last week I decided to bite the bullet and pay to have one made up. So now this gorgeous mark will be gracing my hand mades. I'm so excited

its from baby jewels on Etsy. Her service was great and delivery from the states very fast.

It's pouring rain here right now. We had a big down pour earlier and were so very lucky to get to race home from School in it - absolutely soaked to the skin and with water sloshing in our shoes by the time we got here. Then within about a minute of us getting in doors it stopped for a while. Well my garden will be loving a nice good soak. Though Miss isn't loving the thunder so much. 


  1. Yes the rain is great, what a storm! Love the stamp.

  2. How lovely to have a stamp of your own.

  3. very nice, pretty, classy and simple. perfect. xo m.

  4. The stamp is great. Sounds like you are having the same weather as me.

  5. The stamp looks good Tammy -- professional with a touch of craftiness.

  6. That is a very cool stamp...

  7. Rain, whats that?
    Your stamp is fabulous, good to here that your cards are doing well.

  8. wow, that's cool. thanks for sharing


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