Not much creating going on.

I have had a bit of a rest and been busy after the mothers day cards so the last cards I made were these two for custom orders. A masculine Birthday card  for someone in their early 20's and a mothers day card using one of my base designs but with a lime, blue and orange colour combo.

I had a few goes at getting a masculine card knowing I needed more than one and ended up with a few, I let the client have her pick and  this one went to my Dad who's birthday was the same day as My little Mr.

I have a couple more to go into my shop when I get a minute to load the photos. I'll be creating a custom order option in my made it store soon too, or you can always contact me through the blog if you are interested in having me create something for a specific occasion, I'm happy to negotiate. 

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  1. Love the Mother's Day card. You sure are all about paper lately! I remember a few months ago you were reminiscing about how you hadn't been doing much paper work... now look at you!! Inspiration has definitely struck! xo m.


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