Lately when I'm creating ...

I see to be drawn to seeking out colour challenges for inspiration.
This time I'm having a go at Embellish magazines colour challenge with dimension.

I'm not entirely happy with my colour ratios and when I look at the other entries I see most of them have added in another light neutral such as white to balance it all out, I also haven't had such great light to get a picture so am using what I have for now.

I am quite happy with the suspended layered frame though : )

The front panel is lifted slightly from the card and then using a thicker foam tape I lifted the frame further.
I ended up changing it ... still stayed in the range of colour permitted and added some white, I think it now better suits the friend I had in mind when making it.

I have another colour challenge marked for a try too.

On the family front ... We are all still sick with the head cold. LOML is off work again. Miss is well enough to go to School but says she has a bit of a sore throat, her energy levels don't seem too badly affected. Little Mr. is well on the mend from the flu and making slow improvement with his other health issue. LOML and I are the sickest and just juggling it as best we can. We are still managing to get meals happening, washing and dishes done but not much else. I'm relying heavily on my dryer. I feel myself going through the stages of it but they are not moving quickly! Seeing little Mr. with some spark and energy makes me optimistic that the end of this flu is not too far away.


  1. Great colour scheme. Warm but wintry at the same time. xo m.

  2. Hope you are all feeling better soon. I am off sick today again too.

  3. I love your final card T...the panel of pp really lifts the whole card!!

  4. Yep i agree with Jaki,i couldn't see your stamped sentiment before now i can.
    Sorry to hear that you and yours are not well, my son has had two days of school but seems much better since i got home from work. Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you feel better soon.

  5. OH I REALLY like that card!

    Must all get better real soon. It sucks being sick.

  6. I actually really liked the first one also... great design idea with the frame!!!
    Angela xxx.

  7. love the dimension you achieved! those colors are great.

  8. I really like the way you used the string Tammy, very creative. The change you made makes the sentiment stand out, looks effective. I hope you are all feeling better. xo

  9. I like the second one the most! I love it! The white makes the sentiment stand out!


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