Happy Mothers day

I just want to share my presents that were bestowed upon me very early this morning! As I'll be heading off to work soon and there for most of today.

 There is a  new measuring jug, as my old one has a crack across the bottom, it still can be used for measuring but you can't let fluid sit in it or it starts to leak out. New measuring spoons as the handles have broken off my one tbsp and 1tsp, I still use the spoon part but a handle would be much more convenient, these ones are magnetic!

All wrapped in beautiful hand made wrapping paper designed by Miss and created by her and Daddy. Something special she made at school - the front has a handprint and poem, the back has a picture of me and her sweet handwriting on it, her Buddy helped her to spell it all. ( I love the buddy system they have with the big kids. )

Also a beautiful bunch of Gerberas.

 and hope all of you have a wonderful Mothers day doing what you enjoy and spending time with your families.

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  1. Happy Mothers Day Tammy.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Tammy, you scored with the measuring spoon, love Posie

  3. Happy Mother's Day Tammy. Thinking of you on this day.

  4. Happy Mother's Day!! It looks like you were spoiled this year.

  5. Happy Mothers Day, what lovely gifts!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Tammy! xo m.

  7. happy Mothers day Tammy.

  8. Happy mothers day! What thoughtful gifts and lovely children you have.


  9. I love simple and thoughtful gifts :)
    Have fun baking with your jug and spoons.

  10. Happy Mother's Day Tammy! I love the homemade wrapping paper and all the sweet words written on it so lovely to keep and remember when they were small. xo


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