Happy First Anniversary.

One Year ago today your came into my life and my home and it has not been the same since.
You occupy a special place here ( one that used to be used as a temporary storage space. )

If it were not for us working together we never would have had beautiful colourful napkins, twirly skirts or cowboy shirts. Not to mention your mate the knitting bag and my gorgeous refashioned sentimental handbag just to name a few.

You have bought such addition depth and knowledge to my life in the last year. How did that bread book get there ... ?? lol

I know we have not been close lately and I do miss that but want to assure you we still have many good times ahead.

I love you lots my sweet Janome and am looking forward to spending some quality time together soon.

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  1. Oh i felt like that earlier this month when my Brother fancy Innovis 600 turned 1 on Mother's Day. Happy birthday to your Janome (i'm a big Janome fan!!) Love Posie

  2. what a lovely ode to your janome :) love it. am also enjoying popping in and seeing the cards you've been making, the're gorgeous.

  3. Very cute. Happy Anniversary to you two. giggle! xo m.


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